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03 March 2006 @ 12:37 pm
The following list contains the five most effective things with which I can be bribed. If tagged, you must do the same, and tag five more people. The assumption is made that lots of money is always a good bribe, so you can't choose that one!

1. Sex for obvious reasons..Am willing with either gender as well. :)
2. Stuffed Animals Specially..anything. I Love Pengiuns, Leopards, Frogs..I have a huge list. Is it cute and fluffy? It's in.
3. Pretties..such as shiny jewelry like objects. Yesh...
4. Clothing..cause I am such a girl :P
5. Oh hell..cheap little gifts so long as they are cutely presented. God I'm such a dork :)

Tag! You're it:

Netdancer, Ebonhost, Brecken, youngwilliam and Daikyll
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